TJ’s Packaging offers a wide variety of stretch film products so we can customize a solution to fit your specific needs. We offer machine stretch film for high-production lines and hand stretch film for low-production applications. Whether you’re securing heavy pallets or highly irregular loads, we have the stretch film to keep your packaging process moving efficiently.

Machine Stretch Film

Machine stretch film products come in a variety of gauges, stretch capability, and square footage. We’ll help you find the best product for your application. Our products are tear and puncture resistant and clear so your barcode scanner can read through them. We also offer a biodegradable stretch film that is both high-performing and environmentally friendly.

Hand Stretch Film

Hand stretch film products are cost-effective, highly mobile alternatives to the large rolls of machine stretch film. Hand stretch film comes in a variety of gauges, stretch capability, and square footage and is tear and puncture resistant. Biodegradable hand stretch film is available for environmentally minded manufacturers.

Looking For Packaging Products?

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