Cousins Window/Door Stretch wrapper

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Heavy duty rugged surround deck to protect the turntable

Super Rapid Thread II powered pre-stretch film carriage with unique film savings threading method

Innovative controls with 3 separate wrap programs – each program can have its own individual settings for:

                          – different top and bottom wrap counts

                          – different force-to-load settings

                          – different spiral speed settings

                          – different settings for a variety of load types

Includes LCD operator interface with helpful diagnostic capability

All AC motors 

Maintenance free 48 roller bearing turntable support design – no steel on steel contact

Forklift lifting tubes front and rear for easy portability

All motors, gearboxes and cables are fully enclosed and guarded for added protection and personnel safety

Window/Door wrapper package including top platen, fixed width top and bottom fixtures,

 PLC and foot switch for 84” tall product and a max 96” diagonal capacity.

NOTE: Larger size options available at additional cost.  Please call 763-241-2022 Ask for John or Terry.   

PDF brochure & Video link <-Click here         

Additional information

Weight 1700 lbs
Dimensions 144 × 70 × 40 in


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