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Uniform Semi-Automatic

Interpack USA 2024-SB Side Belt Drive Top & Bottom Taper

USA 2024-SB | Side Belt Drive
Our flagship case sealer, the USA 2024-SB is the state of the art in high quality case sealing machines.

SKU Number: 0044-USA2024-SB

Random Auto H2O WAT Case Sealing Machine

The IPG Random H2O Series is a random semi-automatic inline WAT case sealer.  Machine can run up to 4,500′ WAT rolls and process random sized boxes at 12 cartons per minute.  See video and brochure for more info.

Other IPG Case Sealers:

Uniform Automatic
Interpack UA 262024-SB Side Belt Drive
UA 262024-SB | Side Belt Drive
SKU Number: 0044-UM095TW

Random Automatic
Interpack RA 1000-SB 2 station Side Belt
RA 1000-SB | Side Belt Drive
SKU Number: 0044-UR009

Speciality Case Sealers
Interpack USA 2024-BFF Extended Side Drive with pack station
USA 2024-BFF | Pack Station – Flap Folder – Sealer
SKU Number: 0044-UM136TW

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