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MSD Simple Pack & Seal System

BestPack Model: MSD 22-2 or MSD 22-3 (2″ or 3″ tape heads)

The BestPack® MSD SemiAutomatic Uniform Carton Sealer is our most popular top of the line operator-fed and adjustable carton sealing machine, designed to cater to the needs of light-to-heavy duty uniform carton closure applications.

SKU Number: 0020-MSD22-2H

RS 22

BestPack Model: RS22-3

The BestPack® RS Series Semi-Automatic Random Tape Carton Sealers are built for speed and rugged dependability. With these systems, random sized cartons are handled with ease whether your application needs call for a low profile top & bottom sealer or a heavy duty work horse.

SKU Number: 0020-RS22-3H

Other BestPack Carton Sealers:

Adjustable Manual

MBD 22-2 Case Sealer
SKU Number: 0020-MBD22-2H

Adjustable Fully Automatic

BestPack Model – CSX22-3H
SKU Number: 0020-CSX22-3H

Random Manual

BestPack Model: RS20-2
SKU Number: 0020-RS20-2H

Random Fully Automatic

BestPack Model – CSX22-3H
SKU Number: 0020-CSX22-3H

Stainless Steel
bestpack carton sealer 0020-MBD22-2HS
BestPack Model: MBD 22-2 Stainless Carton Sealer (2″ Tape Head)
SKU Number: 0020-MBD22-2HS

Low Profile

BestPack Model: RSL22-2 (2″ Tape Head)
SKU Number: 0020-RSL22-2H

Speciality Machines

BestPack Model: MS1E (2″ Tape Head)
SKU Number: 0020-MS1E-2

Tamper Evident Case Sealers

BestPack Model: MSD 22-6 (6″ tape head for “Security Tape”)
SKU Number: 0020-MSD22-6

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