When your tape can’t fail, choose an IPG® superior-quality industrial tape. Our industrial tape solutions are engineered to withstand the most demanding industrial uses as well as your light duty jobs. These tapes are ideal for aerospace, transportation, automotive, and government applications.

Masking Industrial Tape

Masking Industrial TapesMasking tapes are extremely versatile products that handle most projects, from paint masking and holding to splicing, bundling, and packaging. We offer products for light-duty to high-performance jobs, including several tapes that are resistant to weather, sunlight, and humidity.

Flatback Industrial Tape

Flatback tapes create quick, strong seals for your packaging, splicing, and tabbing applications. Use flatback tape to splice floor coverings, wall coverings, and abrasives and to beam fibers in textile manufacturing. Choose a general grade tape for carton sealing or performance grade for specialty applications.

Filament and MOPP Industrial Tape

Filament and MOPP Industrial TapesFilament and MOPP tapes are reinforced with fiberglass and polyester fibers for superior strength and adhesion. Filament tapes are great solutions for your light-duty strapping, palletizing, and bundling jobs. Available in utility to performance grade, paper-backed, and appliance grade options.

Foil/Foil Laminate Industrial Tapes

Foil/Foil Laminate Industrial TapesFoil and foil laminate tapes are perfect for HVAC, aerospace, appliance, and marine applications where consistent performance, quality, and strength are paramount. Choose from tapes with or without liners or with laminate barriers that resist water, oils, and grease.

Cloth/Duct Industrial Tapes

Cloth / Duct Industrial TapesWhen you can’t afford your tape to fail, choose our high-grade cloth and duct tapes. Use these tapes to create a moisture barrier, withstand tears, and in dozens of other miscellaneous applications.

Double-Coated Industrial Tapes

Double-Coated Industrial TapesDouble-coated tapes create long-term bonds, making them ideal for mounting and adhering applications. Double-coated foam tapes are ideal for cushioning and sound dampening. Foam tapes can fill gaps to create seals, even on uneven surfaces. Choose from acrylic or polyethylene double-coated foam tapes.

Specialty Industrial Tapes

Specialty industries sometimes require specialty tapes. If you’re in a niche market, we’ve got the specialty tape solution for you, from glass cloth tapes to tapes for bandoliering, sequencing, powder coating, and plating.

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